Funny Man with Flavor Cool-Aide is one of the funniest comedians that ever hit the stage. He has been in the business for 16 years. He wanted to become a comedian back in high school when everyone played the dozens.

“Back then I thought it was so corny because anyone can say that your mama is black or fat. I didn’t think playing the dozens was funny but I wanted to write jokes that were funnier than your mama jokes. I started writing jokes and I saw comedians on television and I said to myself that I could do that.

COOL-AIDE (Photo by Ashley G. Woodson)

My inspirations are Richard Pryor who I thought was the funniest man on earth and Eddie Murphy who I wanted to be like. The way Eddie’s presence was on stage and the way people flocked to him, made me want to be like him. He was so young and he captured everything that I wanted to be as far as being a comedian is concerned,” said Cool-Aide.

He has aspirations of being on television, but realizes that it is not his time right now.

“I have thought of being on television, but there is a lot of politics with doing so. It’s not like it used to be. Now you have a lot of reality shows of people who are not even funny so it gives us cats that are funny, a hard way to go. You can name the Black comics that had television shows back in the day that no longer have them anymore. It’s easier said than done getting a television show, but it’s actually very difficult. A lot of us are creating our own presence by being on the Internet and that’s what I’m focusing on right now. I have Face Book, Twitter and videos of myself on You Tube,” said Cool-Aide.

He has never done an HBO special and Chris Rock does his special every year. He is a fan of Chris Rock.

“I love Chris Rock and I’m glad they are giving him his shine because he deserves it. They always go after the top dudes. If I had a million followers on Twitter and Face Book, then HBO might pick me up too. I’m not going to HBO because I am going to have HBO come to me. The love I have for comedy is something that I will do for the rest of my life. Even if I have to get a regular job, I am still going to do comedy. My career is not where it should be and it’s my entire fault. Being a big fish in a small pond back in Detroit, I started getting lazy and now I’m back on my grind,” said Cool-Aide.

Cool-Aide is going to keep writing and keep being funny and try to hit every stage that he can. People that see him in the public remember who he is and there are a lot of people who do not know of Cool-Aide. He is doing all he can do make everyone know about him.

“If you are trying to get into the business, do not make this a competition. I see it a lot when people come into the game by saying that I am going to be funnier than the next one. It’s not a competition because you are on stage by yourself. For example if you say to yourself that you want to be as funny as D.L. Hughley then you realize that you can’t be as funny as him, you’re going to start stealing jokes and hating and mess up the whole game of comedy. You should just be yourself and keep doing you. Being a comedian is like being in a fraternity. When we see each other, we speak to each other. I’m from Detroit and I still stay in there. I didn’t move to Hollywood or New York because it’s not like it used to be. You have to create your own thing and see what happens. I’m funny and I appreciate the support but I want everyone to know that all comedians need your support, not just me. We love doing what we do and we appreciate the love,” said Cool-Aide.

You can visit Cool-Aide on Face Book and Twitter by searching for Cool-Aide.

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