Communications, the world revolves around it.  One of the biggest phenomenons within the industry over the past several years has been the development of cellular telephones known as cell or mobile phones. It is said that there are approximately 1.8 billion mobile devices worldwide.

Derived from the radiophone, the first mobile telephone call, according to Wikipedia, was made from a car in 1946. The first call from a handheld mobile phone was performed in 1973. Since then cell phones have expanded to 3G (Third Generation) and conduct numerous functions with 4G quickly expanding in the market.

READY FOR FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE—From left: Pam Collier, Andrew Lee, Leonard Pinkney and Gordon Manker prepare to take the 4G experience in their careers. (Photo by Diane I. Daniels)

Throughout the years, popular cell phone manufacturers saturating the market have been BlackBerry, Dell, Garmin-Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola, myTouch and Nokia. Companies offering service have expanded to more than 600 mobile operators and carriers in commercial production worldwide. Locally, the service providers dominating the market are AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint.

Developed into PDAs (personal data assistants) and smartphones, a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity, the cell phone of today performs many functions and has become a necessity. Capabilities include texting and multimedia features, including media players, cameras, still and video capture, Web browsing, GPS navigation and child-location. Programmable shortcuts such as Bluetooth, speaker capabilities, and voice commands are supposed to make the phones easier to use.

Excited about the enormous growth and developments existing in the industry, Gordon Manker plans and is in the process of building a sales team to capitalize on the various aspects of the communications industry. “I’m looking beyond just cell phones. When I think 4G, I not only see the Sprint EVO which is the first 4G phone I also see 4G wireless, satellite televisions, and voice solutions,” he pointed out.

A military man with 24 years experience in the Army National Guard, Manker says he is well prepared to run his newly established Vodaplex business. “People in the Pittsburgh region need the products and services the company offers and should have an opportunity to be a part of a company that is on the cutting edge.”  In existence since 2008, Manker says the corporation located in Atlanta specializes in providing services people need and use every day like Internet, wireless, home security and satellite TV as well as the very latest in technology focusing around corporate communications.

In Pittsburgh, Vodaplex CEO Todd Spencer recently outlined the qualifications and capabilities of his company and explained the details and benefits of his organization. “We are a young startup company that specializes in direct sales that focuses on the customer,” he explained. Outlining a three-point mission, he said “Vodaplex provides a flexible and effective mobile sales force for business- to-business markets to greatly expand product vendors’ reach at a lower total cost per unit. We provide our sales associates with quality services and products backed by a solid supporting infrastructure and we provide highly scalable, customized, voice-over IP solutions that integrate call centers, CRM, data storage, and business engines.”

Indicating that Pittsburgh is at the forefront of technology through the effort of the Westinghouse Corporation and now with the innovation of Carnegie Mellon University, he said this area is a place for Manker to gather a strong sales force and initiate his business.

As authorized distributors for companies like CLEAR, Manker says Vodaplex is able to offer products like 4G wireless Internet, satellite television, cellular and home security products at competitive and reasonable rates.

He explained that one of their best selling items is the Hotspot which provides its user WIFI use at 4G speed anywhere at any time from a computer, IPad or cell phone. The Hotspot provides its 4G coverage in many cities, connects up to eight devices and has a four-hour battery life. “This product is for people on the go and needing to use the Internet where ever they are, a person mobile wanting a faster and better Internet experience,” said Manker, at the territorial manager level of his business.

Alex Matthews, a former insurance broker and now a corporate executive said he is excited about Vodaplex and the opportunities it brings. Also a part of Manker’s team, Andrew Lee the owner of Executive Cigars says the Hotspot is valuable to his business. A salesman by trade, he said, “I like the Vodaplex compensation plan and the team building concept. You have the support of a team, great training and Vodaplex behind you every step of the way.”

With a 25 member sales force, Manker, a Sergeant First Class in the Army National Guard is using his years of management experience to build and keep his team motivated and on top of their game. The Oliver High School graduate with four years of active duty under his belt is no stranger to entrepreneurship. He often helped his mother run her personal care home and worked in her delis in Wilkinsburg and the North Side.

With a high interest in helping people, Manker was a recruiter for the National Guard and is a member of the Prince Hall Masons and one of his hobbies is leading. “I view Vodaplex as a way to helping people build financial independence and as a way to take control of their destiny. I have generated decent residual income and enjoy the products it offers. Why not share the opportunity with others and let them decide if it is right for them? ”

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