Craig D. Wise is known as a father, track and field coach, executive recruiter and entrepreneur. He is the founder, president and executive recruiter of Clinton, Charles, Wise & Company, an executive search firm specializing in recruiting sales, marketing and management talent. Encouraged to write a book by the many applicants he has prepared for interviews, he recently added author to his list of titles.

A WISE MAN—Craig D. Wise, author of “Interviewing Strategies for the New Millennium” prepares candidates for their dream job.  (Photo by Diane I. Daniels)

Written primarily from a salesperson’s perspective in interviewing, Wise describes his book, “Interviewing Strategies for the New Millennium” as being geared to include the full scope of interviewing from planning, preparation to the actual interview stages. “Although there are many books written on how to obtain a job, there are very few that focus exclusively on interviewing. I chose to write this book in a concise form so it could be easily and frequently referred to as necessary,” said Wise.

In the mix of the 72-page book, is information on developing a career strategy, finding the right company to interview, how to prepare for the interviewing process, negotiating and accepting the offer, keeping the right job and how to make a graceful exit. Consisting of 11 chapters, the book is filled with advice and information Wise has accumulated in the 15 years he has been a recruiter placing candidates in high tech, financial and medical industries. Each page of the book has space for notes and comments.  Each chapter ends with a remembering point such as: “Never say it is a job change—it is a career move.”

Wise said his book teaches the reader how to develop a successful career plan as well as being prepared for the interview. The chapters also provide tips on writing resumes and cover letters, answering tough questions and using the Internet. The final section recommends job search books and links.

To assure the readers and his clients are keeping up with the trends of interviewing, he also offers suggestions on telephone and video conferencing. “Phone video conferencing will grow more as technology makes it possible at a lower cost, especially as it pertains to interviewing,” he projects. “Candidates should prepare for regular interviews, video conferencing interviews (and eventually avatar-driven interviews) by practicing in front of a mirror.”

Mostly dealing with mid-market size companies that normally do not have a full service human resources department, Wise said his firm throughout the years has placed hundreds of talented individuals. He describes Clinton, Charles, Wise and Company as focusing primarily in the information technology, financial, and healthcare industry, but also has been successful in placing candidates in other industries. Their region of choice to service is throughout the Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and East Coast but the firm recruits and places candidates all over the United States.

After receiving his MBA in marketing/finance from the University of Pittsburgh, Wise’s career began as a teacher in the Detroit public school system. His corporate career started as a pharmaceutical representative and from there he entered the General Motor’s Dealer Development Program. He entered the banking industry a year later and soon became a consultant providing marketing and financial services for small firms and start-up companies.  His entrepreneurial career started when he became the founder and major stockholder of what he classifies as two upscale specialty retail stores. In 1990 he started Clinton, Charles, Wise and Company.

Always preparing for the future, he is currently researching and developing a social media web site that features an avatar-driven e-commerce platform for users to use an avatar to shop for real merchandise in a virtual world as well as network with their friends and utilize business services. The site he calculates will revolutionize online shopping and will possibly be the next “big thing” on the Internet. Wise has developed a mock-up of the site and is currently seeking $150,000 of seed capital from investors to build the functional prototype.

A proud father, he and his wife Annette have produced five business professionals and one current college student. While raising their six children the Wises’ focus was their academic endeavors and sports interests. He is the founder, executive director and coach of the Central Florida Gliders Youth Track and Field, and Cross Country Club serving males and females. The purpose of the organization has been to motivate youth athletes to aspire to achieve leadership, discipline and integrity through the sport of track and field and cross country and to raise money for scholarships for needy families. Throughout the years the group has earned 48 national championship titles and traveled extensively competing.

With the development of new jobs, the push for 2011, Wise hopes his book can get into the hands of individuals to assist them in finding their dream job or hiring managers to help them in the interview process to identify accomplished potential employees for their companies.  His goal is to embark upon a promotional tour to outline the concepts in “Interviewing Strategies for the New Millennium.”

For more information, to order the book or to book a speaking engagement Wise can be reached at or by calling 407-682-6790.

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