Deputy Superintendent Linda Lane was recently selected by the School Board as its new superintendent, so we asked Pittsburghers what they thought and what her first priority should be and this is what you said:


“Hopefully she can do better then the last superintendent and maybe she will bring a fresh approach to the problems we are facing in the city of Pittsburgh. Her first priority should be trying to get good teachers in the city to help with the children’s education.”
Audra Walker
Computer administrator

“I feel it is a good pick ‘cause for years they have been going outside the city and someone that knows the city is better to deal with the problems at home. Her first priority should be to get the attendance and the grades up ‘cause it’s seems that is the problem every year.”
Walter Anderson
Hill District
Residents relations specialist

“I feel it’s great she is an African-American woman running the Pittsburgh Public Schools and her first priority should be to educate our people better then what they have been in the past.”
Candice Williams
Home health aid

“I feel the Pittsburgh Public School Board is going the right way because she is an African-American woman. She should not really correct but improve the schools for our people so that they will have a better life and better future.”
Dilland Davis
Culinary student

“In a school system where there is such a divide based on social economics situations I feel good about having a Black woman as the superintendent. Understanding the financial responsibility in running a school district I feel her first priority should be to shorten or get rid of the divide between White and Black students.”
Justin Coleman

“I think it is great they put her in that position because she is well qualified to be able to straighten up some of the things going on in the city. I think as an African-American she will and needs to desegregate the schools better and integrate the schools more so all the kids can get the same education.”   
Alice Flood
West Mifflin
Retired flight attendant

(Compiled by J.L. Martello. Photos by J.L. Martello.)

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