I guess the honeymoon is over for Ted Williams. If you don’t know who Ted Williams is let me give you a little background.  Williams is the homeless man, or should I say former homeless man, with the dynamic voice that was living in Ohio in a tent. After a reporter let the world hear his voice, Williams has been on TV and popping from coast to coast.

First we saw him on the “Today” show and found out he has a “man crush” on Matt Lauer. He then met with his mother who he has not seen in about a decade or two.  Before he met with mom, we heard mom say that her son was weak, easily led and that she was strong.  When he got to see his mother he was ecstatic.  They sat and interviewed with Meredith Vieira on the “Today” show and it was easy to see that Williams’ mom is his kryptonite.


From his mother I didn’t see any happiness or hope for him, as a matter of fact she rather blew off the fact that he does have talent. Mom concentrated on the fact that her son was holding a sign by the side of the road and embarrassing her family. She didn’t seem concerned about the thefts or the fact that he was sleeping outside, it was the sign that she could not get over. She didn’t seem to be happy about the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese commercial or the fact that he was alive and for the moment clean of drugs and alcohol.   You know the saying, “what a difference a day makes?”  I think we will be applying that saying to Williams. After the love fest all of his mug shots were dug up and displayed for all to see and it was revealed that he has nine children who he says are all adults now. Hmmm, nine kids he doesn’t mention how many mothers.  It seems he hasn’t paid child support or been in contact with the mothers.

Wendy Williams, host of the “Wendy Williams” show took Ted to task on her show Monday night. She says she has been there, herself a recovering drug addict. She gives Ted one year before he will be back to his old ways. Wendy says he is clean only because he could not afford the drinking and drugging.

Then there was Dr. Phil.  Ted ran into Dr. Phil in Hollywood and sat down with him. Dr. Phil pulled out his tough love paddle and asked Ted why he hadn’t paid child support. Ted appeared to once again tuck his head in shame.

Now one of his daughters has been brought into the picture and according to reports they got into an argument. The daughter says dad has been drinking Grey Goose, wine and beer since he was pulled out of Ohio. The two got into a dust up in his hotel room and  “five O” was called.  Ted says he hasn’t been drinking and that he wants to buy his daughter a Louis Vuitton purse.

Ted, don’t let this good fortune get away from you. Don’t prove your mother and Wendy Williams right. Be strong. Call Dr. Drew at the Pasadena Recovery Center (Celebrity Rehab) and get some help, join AA and keep your family at a distance.

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