(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:


I am 60 years old and this is what I have observed: When shopping I am surprised how the young people (especially men) don’t hold doors or say ‘thank you’ or anything. What has happened to the world? In my growing up years, children were taught respect—especially to the elderly. How can we get the respect back? I’m concerned.—Annie

Dear Annie:

I am concerned as well. Let me tell you this: A lot of young people today are the result of very young mothers. They were not taught respect and they do not know how to, therefore, pass good teachings to their children. Grandmothers are no longer the pillars of the community. Instead of being at home they frequent the nightclubs chasing men. So you see…children are the ones who will suffer.

As to young men, I was coming out of a store two weeks ago and the young boy in front of me just let the door swing back. Annie, think about it. The world is now a different place. Reality must not be ignored. You can no longer give a ride to a stranger. Too many people lost their life because their good deed was extended to a criminal mind. There is one thing you could do—become a volunteer at a youth center and lecture to boys and girls. There are some good youth and with our help there can be many more. Young people used to help an old lady to her car with groceries. They used to get up and give an old lady their seat on the bus. Now days, they will push an old lady aside to get the available seat.

No one knows when respect will return, but until it does be careful. Instead of young people helping you, they now take your merchandise, take your keys, take your car—but not before putting—a gun to your face. (Copyright © 2010 by Gwendolyn L. Baines)

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