Wesley Snipes seems to be surprised that he is going to jail and would like people to pray for him. We’ll pray for you, Wesley, but you know you are wrong. If you don’t pay your income taxes someone is going to catch up with you.


Each year most of the working public files something called federal income taxes. If you work you have to file. We see you working in the movies and apparently the IRS saw some of those same movies. They want their money.

I really don’t see any reason for you to go to jail. How are you going to pay them if you are locked up? Once you are incarcerated those of us who have paid their taxes have to take care of you for three years. What I do wish for you is that you could stay free and try to make payments. You’re not doing anyone any good in jail.

Here is my question for you. Did you really think your taxes were being paid? Do actors on your level relinquish all control of their money to some manager or tax account? That doesn’t sound very business like to me, Mr. Snipes. You are a business Wesley, a product, and you have to protect your brand.

Since we are on the subject of taxes, Congressman Charlie Rangel aren’t you ashamed of yourself? All these years and you haven’t been paying the taxes on the income from that villa in the Dominican Republic and who knows what else you have been doing. I’m disappointed in you Congressman Rangel. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

And to the lady who took her dog on the US Airways plane that was flying from Newark to Phoenix. Lady you knew that dog was to stay in the pet carrier. That is the policy of the airline. But no you had to take the dog out and then lost control of it.

I can see it now. You wanted to hold the dog for a little while or show the terrier to the person sitting next to you. I’m sure the dog was a little unsettled while flying. The flight attendant probably tried to gain control of the dog and so did another passenger and the dog bit them both.

Remember you were on a plane not a bus; the pilot could not pull over to the side of the road and handle the problem. He was forced to land the plane in Pittsburgh to settle the situation and have the people who were bitten treated. That must have been a chaotic ride.

Isn’t it funny that there has been no word on what is going to happen to the owner of the dog? She has to be fined.

In case you’re interested it cost about $100 to bring your dog on board, it has to fit under the seat in front of you and you have to prove that the dog has recently had their necessary shots. The kicker is up to six small dogs are allowed on the plane at one time. The dogs are supposed to be sedated. I would not want a dog under my seat. I don’t want to hear it bark nor do I want to smell a dog while flying. Passengers need to follow the rules.

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