10. Ok, ok, so I was wrong about the Steelers beating New England. But one out of two ain’t bad. “Pac–Man” brought it home in convincing style.

9. And I ask once again. How come the No. 1 defense in football can never stop anybody when it counts? I mean how do they stay No. 1…and don’t they know Tom Brady is coming to town…its Tom Brady not Tom Jones. Guess what, he’s going to pass the football!! You play to win the game!


8. Amazing is it not? Just a year ago you couldn’t find a sports­caster, especially a White one, to give Michael Vick a snowball’s chance in hell to make it back. Now you can’t find a non-believer anywhere on the planet. Not me…and oh yeah not my dad, who by the way is always right. (Just a sidebar here as I sometimes do, the man quit school in the tenth grade to take care of his mom and family. Worked construction all his life, maybe missed “3” days total…and knows everything!! Me…high school, college and 35 years of reading, studying, consulting and promoting…and I don’t know nothin’!) Anyway, back to the point. I told anyone that would listen if you put an athlete of any level let alone world class in jail, with all day to work out and train…you damn right he’ll be back…Duh!!

7. Be careful Pitt basketball team. Don’t be readin’ the newspaper clippings about your ranking. You still got work to do.

6. “Unstoppable”…Try this list: Denzel’s new movie, best out right now; Kobe and the Lakers, they’re just cruising; Charles Barkley’s mouth; anybody getting 30 rebounds in a game, Barkley did it once. But give “Love” some love for his work with the “T-wolves.”

5. Brandy was robbed on “Dancing with the Stars.” Stevie Wonder can see Bristol Palin can’t dance. (Don’t act like you don’t watch).


4. Continued from No. 8…except for ”Big Ben.” He had four weeks of open jail and he didn’t get any better. He’s ok but ok’s not good enough. Let’s go Ben. Step it up, or is it like “Tiger,” you can’t dominate your game unless you’re dominating the ladies?? I’m just asking!

3. High school football is in gear. Get out and support your teams. But more importantly get behind the players and their academics. Let’s not have “our” student athletes not be able to play a game because they can’t get average grades. We’re talking a “C” average people…C’mon!

2. Today we say our final goodbyes to Maurice Lucas…better known as “Reecie” to most. The best of the best! Check out this classic, rarely seen photo from back in the ABA days. “Big Luke” breaking up a fight between Pitt’s Mel Bennett and the Legendary Marvin “Bad News” Barnes. (A keeper to be sure).

1. Look, this is the first of four more warnings. The 35th Annual Willie Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Awards Banquet is coming Sun., Dec. 12 at D’Impirio’s in Monroeville at 6:30 p.m. But I’m telling you there are only 100 seats available. Don’t miss the grandfather of sports banquets here in western PA and here’s why. Look at this line up of honorees for 2010: Kevin Cameron, Chaz Kellem, Rayco “War” Saunders, Ms. Beverly Walker, Tika Hemingway, Darnell Dinkins, Sheldon Ingram, Gilbert Brown, Sam “Bam” Clancey, Bruce Atkins, Gloria Hill, PhD, Kevin Davis, Joyce Ellis, Franco Harris, Russell Bynum, and Shayla Scott. Whattt!!!

“Game Over”

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