10. Well now Part-ner! All you so-called basketball know-it-alls that never made an athletic move in your life but to get out of the way… I told you Boston will win the NBA East. Did you see the Celtic/Heat rematch? Nuff said.


9. OK… Keep standing around “doing nothin’” like it’s not your problem and “we” won’t have a City League school left to have a memory about!

8. Does it look or sound like “Cam” Newton, the quarterback for Auburn, or his dad care about the NCAA? Look around boys. It’s a new day? You’re going to have to start paying NCAA athletes if you want them to keep making money for your universities.

7. I want the Pitt football team to win, honest I do. I have coaching roots there. But c’mon man! Even money says the Chuck Sanders led Slippery Rock University football team from back in the day could beat this Panther squad (don’t act like you don’t remember).

6. Speaking of Pitt. It’s time for the Pitt hoop team to bring home a national title. They’re close, real close. And “Gibbs” shoots the lights out the joint and makes it look easy.

5. Speaking of making it look easy, (sorry about the segway but it was sitting right there) anyway… you should see what brother Ernie Bey AKA “E-Bey” can do with his right arm when he’s not sending tennis balls back at you at 200 miles an hour. The man can take a long piece of wood and turn it into a masterpiece…A “staff” of the highest quality.

4. Hey “Big Ben” here’s a suggestion. As soon as the ball is snapped just throw it. “Wallace” will catch up to it. Trust me. The man has two speeds…Fast and fast as he needs to be. Santonio who?

3. Do yourself a favor and mark Sunday, Dec 12 on your calendar. That’s the day the city honors the great “Sam Bam” Clancy. The man that single handedly changed Pitt basketball forever! He’ll be honored at the 35th Annual Willie Stargell Memorial MVP Awards Banquet. (Call for information 412-607-3697).

2. Do I care? I don’t care about the “Dallas Cryboys,” the coach, Jerry Jones, Texas, the Star or the cheerleaders, wait…I can’t lie, I care about the cheerleaders!

1. By the time you read this “Pac-man” has won again and the Steelers have beat up on the “Pats”… Take it to the bank.

“Game Over”

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