November 2 was mid-term election time and the Republicans won big so we asked Pittsburghers their reactions and this is what you said:


“I’m not too happy because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. At least I tried to do something by voting. I’m not the type to complain without doing something about it.”
Kevin White

“I’m disappointed but not surprised. I think that money being wasted on unnecessary projects kept more people from voting for Onorato. I didn’t want to complain about what’s going on, so I voted and tried to get someone in office that I thought would work for us.”
Alana Beck

“The election was a farce. Obama asked the people to vote and help to keep the Democrats in office but they didn’t give him the support he was looking for. The Republicans were able to take over and Obama is going to continue to be blamed for the mess that already existed when he took office.”
Brenda Gaiter

“I’m disappointed but optimistic. We have to “keep hope alive.” It was so close that if we would have pushed harder we could have done it. I’m not giving up. I believe in the Democratic Party and Obama. It’s going to take a while to change things but we can overcome.”
Patricia Sallie
Health Care Worker

“I’m very disappointed because there are so many naive Democrats who think that putting Republicans back into office will change things. It’s going to be harder for the president to change things because the Republicans are the majority. He’s (Obama) has been doing a lot for our people but is being painted to not be doing much.”
Dwight Galloway
North Versailles

“America is so fickle and doesn’t have a true understanding of what is needed to run the government. Every election they try to vote out whoever is in office without giving that person a chance to do what is necessary for the people. The voters take their opinions to the polls and aren’t necessarily informed.”
Charles Vaughn
Penn Hills
Bus Driver

(Compiled by Erin Perry. Photos by Erin Perry.)

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