It’s always amazing to me how many people don’t like to have their picture taken. Photos are such a big part of what I do that I can’t imagine saying no to the camera.


When you leave the house try to leave camera ready, who knows what or who you may run into. But on a serious note if you don’t like having your photo taken think about why. When you see the results what is it you are displeased with? Your hair? Your teeth? Your make up? Or maybe you can’t put your finger on it. Have someone that you feel comfortable with take a snap shot of you and then have it developed and take a close look.

Is your hairstyle the same as your high school picture? Come on now ladies you know we often find a hairstyle and never let it go. I remember my bob; I loved that look and wore it to death. I finally realized it was time for a change. The change feels good.

We often try to hold on to our youth with our clothing and hair. Truth be told you will look more youthful by wearing styles that complement your body and age. I purchased a dress recently for an awards ceremony, I told the sales person that I wanted an evening dress or cocktail suit. She led me to some suits that would be suitable for my grandmother. I told her I wasn’t going to a funeral or a wake it was a festive occasion. I found the dress on my own a simple black dress that many ages could have worn.

So when you have your picture taken you must wear something that you feel confident in. Ladies you want to look fabulous and sexy. About the hair, please don’t be so frugal that you don’t get it done professionally from time to time. If you want to wear faux hair find the best that you can afford and know when you need to replace it.

Now back to the photo. What is it you don’t like about the picture? Have you skipped your visits to the dentist that are included in your health plan? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I think every woman should take some boudoir shots before the body starts to shift. I have a photographer, Ahmad Sandidge, who I totally trust and feel comfortable with. This is not an ad for Sandidge; I’m just letting you know that he does quality work. I’ve been thinking about doing a picture with my sister, niece and mother. Family pictures that span generations are a treasure and you shouldn’t wait too long to take them if your family members are getting older.

Now to the make-up, are you wearing too much or too little? The older we get the less make up we should wear. Go a little lighter (weight) on your foundation. You don’t want to look embalmed.

Pay attention to the trends in make-up and again let’s not get stuck on the same lip color we wore to the prom. Be brave in front of the camera, smile. If I’m taking your picture trust that I don’t like to run bad pictures, I want you to look happy and good on the Lifestyles page. Just remember one thing I am working with a camera not a wand.

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