You may question who needs a revival—it is all of us: Christians, Muslims, preachers, Elders, Imam, Bishops, and other churchgoers.


The concern about a revival emanated from my home church, New Destiny, which is located at 1018 Bidwell St., North Side. The members a few weeks ago had a church meeting and it was decided that there was a need for the membership to have a revival, but after a lengthy discussion it became apparent that there was an overwhelming need that across Allegheny County we needed a revival. There will be some readers of this column who will say, “I don’t need revival,” but remember the Bible states very clearly there is none perfect. No not one, and goes on to state “let it begin with me.”

There are over 300 Black churches throughout Allegheny County of every conceivable denomination. There are storefronts and large churches with stain glass windows, pipe organs, a preacher and a number of assistants, however the Bible makes no reference to small churches or big churches. Once again quoting the Bible it simply states: “Upon this rock I will build my church.”

Why do we believe we need a revival? Let us examine the conditions outside the four walls of where we worship. They are inadequate housing, unemployment and under employment, violence, robbing and stealing, inferior education, jails bursting at the seams with Black males, no hope, lack of self esteem and not recognizing that we should never allow any person to define us.

When I was a youngster the church instilled in the congregation responsibility for self, family and others. Also that we are somebody, do for self and show love and concern for the community. Today too many of those in charge of religious institutions have become profit motivated. They own lavish houses, mink coats, expensive cars and they fail to preach or teach the Bible.

I will never forget that a man who was an officer in a church and had been a member for 40 years said in the barber shop that he was a Baptist because it was the only church mentioned in the Bible. When we asked him what book, chapter and verse he opened his Bible and pointed to John the Baptist. We out of respect for his age never said a word. I make that point because there are many of us who don’t know the Bible and have been in church our entire lives. It’s like a person after listening to a stirring sermon and they remark how moved they were and you asked what was minister’s topic and the answer is, I don’t know.

Revival is to be home again spiritually.

A Muslim friend said to me when I mention this week’s column that I should also mention resurrection, because that applies to those of us who are physiologically blind, crippled and even dead.

On Nov. 20 if you feel you need a revival then be in attendance at New Destiny CME Church, 1018 Bidwell St. at 1 p.m. Saturday afternoon for good singing, praying, preaching. Always remember the Master said, “Let it begin with me.“

Please don’t forget the Kingsley Association.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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