(TEWire)—Congratulations to Michelle Obama who ranks No. 1 as the world’s most powerful woman. Among the Forbes Top 10 most powerful women in the world are two other sisters: Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce Knowles. Wow!  That should make you proud to be a Black woman.  Sisters are incredible!

Three out of 10!  That’s awesome when you think about the One Nation March (10-2-10) held recently—and many of the programs we often attend—where not even one Black women’s organization that works for the rights of women and their families had a slot to speak on behalf of Black women at an event billed as “most diverse.”

Fortunately, while many people are just talking, the sisters are working! The sisters are studying. The sisters are planning and executing their plans on behalf of our people. Sisters are succeeding often without a lot of help from our other half. We should all encourage our sisters to keep up the great work. We should be proud of these high achieving, high-powered sisters!

A little over 40 years ago, Black women could not even vote. We had almost no rights, and now, we head major corporations. We have thriving businesses across the country. We are media moguls. We are running for more and more elective offices and winning. We are shining our lights and mentoring our young sisters wherever we are.

Dick Gregory often says that the two most powerful forces in the Black community are the Black church and the Black woman. It is fair to ask if the church would survive without the Black woman. Sisters are getting wise about the church, too. We do not just go to church to do all the work for the men anymore.  More and more women are heading churches these days. Black women seem to be leaving no stone unturned!

Young Black women now have role models in many areas that just a few years ago were not open to them.  Top Advisor to the President! Surgeon General! Domestic Policy Advisor!  Head of Xerox!  First Lady of the United States of America! Also Known as the Most Powerful Woman in the World!

How could any Black woman not be proud of how far we have come in such a short time-and under such adverse conditions. No other women have been as denigrated as have Black women. No women have had to work harder or have more demanded of them than Black women—yet, we are making it.

We must encourage, strengthen, and support one another, so that we can keep on getting up and moving forward. Every sister should belong to at least one Black women’s organization, so that our collective work can make a greater impact on the quality of life for our communities.

We may not make the news on a daily basis, but Black women are making a difference not only in our communities, but also through­out the world. When “Most Powerful Woman in the World” was added to Michelle Obama’s name, every little Black girl in the world had that title potentially added to her name!  No gangsta rapper, no male chauvinist of any race, creed or color, no person who engages with just any women other than Black women can ever compete with the title “Most Powerful Woman in the World.”

(Dr. E. Faye Williams is national chair of the National Congress of Black Women.)

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