On my way to work and on my way home I try to take the scenic route. This is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Each day I drive through a canopy of colors. The leaves are beautiful shades of gold, yellow, orange, red and burgundy. Some days the awning of color is more fascinating than the day before. The other morning the sun was shining so bright my ride to work was a treat.


Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year, crisp mornings and cool evenings. It’s time to pull out the fall clothes, switch over your closet from summer to fall, pull out the wool and leather that always feels good. Speaking of clothes, October or November is the time for the Designer Days sale. For my fashionistas out there I hope you didn’t miss the sale. Can you believe the Designer Days sale has been going on for 40 years?

For those who celebrate Halloween wasn’t last week fun? I love to see the costumes, and eat taffy apples and candy corn. Halloween brings back such pleasant memories of my childhood. Those were the days when we went trick or treating with a pillow case, came home, dumped our candy and went back out for more. One thing I’m curious about, why do the stores coat their taffy apples with nuts? I love nuts but not on the caramel or taffy apples. Most stores sell a taffy apple kit complete with sticks. All you have to do is buy the apples. I like the granny smith apples. When you combine the tart apple with the sweet red taffy it is a taste sensation.

It seems like soup taste better when the weather is cool. I love wedding soup, corn chowder and chicken tortilla soup. How about some creamy tomato soup and Ritz Crackers or a grilled cheese sandwich. Now that is good eating. Recently at a Detroit restaurant I ordered their tomato soup and a grilled cheese. The sandwich has three types of cheese and the soup had fresh crushed tomatoes. Can you say OMG?

Since we’re talking about eating it’s not too early to start thinking about Thanksgiving. What about a new dish this year? Just about everyone I know has their own traditions as far as the menu but why not try something new and different or at least new and different to your family. Try duck instead of turkey, add pineapple to the sweet potatoes or try creamed pearl onions as a side dish. Trust me it is a unique dish that my mother used to make for us each year. I think I’ll try to make them this year and surprise her. If you make a box stuffing this year try it from scratch. Stuffing is so easy, you can add oysters, sausage, cranberries or mushrooms to your stuffing. If you don’t have a cookbook or don’t know how to make it log onto the Internet and you can find a plethora of recipes.

Here is an idea that will make your fall last forever. Take pictures of the beautiful fall foliage, develop the pictures into an 8 X10 size, frame and matt them for holiday presents for your friends. Please don’t forget to sign the picture, it adds such a nice touch.

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