Yesterday was Election Day and the Black community voted overwhelmingly for Joe Sestak for U.S. Senator, Dan Onorato for Pennsylvania Governor and the reelection of Congressman Mike Doyle. A limited number of Black voters supported the Republican candidate for governor, Tom Corbett.


I remember very vividly the years when I was an active Republican that there were thousands of active Blacks, but in 2010 they are almost nonexistent and the few who profess to be Republican are mutes.

There will be another election in the very near future and Blacks must ensure that there be a Black candidate or candidates running for public offices. Blacks who have political aspirations must cease waiting for the party to say, “you can run,” but make that decision on their own. There is speculation that Pittsburgh City Controller Michael Lamb may make a bid on another office in the future thereby leaving his current position open.

It has always been my belief that a person who has name identification, political track record, and ability to build an organization and raise money has the greatest potential to be a winning candidate. Is there a Black person with those qualifications? There certainly is and his name is William “Bill” Robinson, who has a definite interest in the position of Pittsburgh City Controller if the position becomes available.

Lets analyze Bill’s political history. He was on Pittsburgh City Council, Pennsylvania State Legislature, is currently on Allegheny County Council and is the chairman of the important and powerful budget committee.

When a Black person aspires for public office often times the question surfaces is he or she qualified? In my estimation he is as qualified as any person we ever supported and more qualified than the overwhelming majority of those we stood at the polls for. Bill is educated and smart. They are necessarily one and the same. He is also articulate, thoughtful, accessible, caring, concerned and when he gives his word will stand by it.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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