(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Last month I broke off with my girlfriend. I could not explain to her why. This is the prob­lem: Since age 16 I have always dated older women. Now that I am in college and about to graduate, I decided to date girls more my age. I am totally confused as to why I cannot seem to keep an attraction to younger women.

Do you have any advice to give me? I was 16 and the lady I became involved with was 36. We dated for three years, but never in public. The next lady I dated was 28 years my senior and recently dated a lady who was 30 years my senior.


Gwendolyn, what’s wrong with me? Younger women just don’t do it for me.—Andrew

Dear Andrew:

Do what? Let me tell you this. Both men and women have a natural attraction to a particular type of individual—that individual could be same age, younger or older. It is an individual “thing.”

You desire older women because they are mature, but not necessarily all of them. Naturally, they know how to caress you because, think about it, to them you are merely a baby. You need to seriously give thought to your desires. As a young man, you need to date a woman more of your age—you know…a lady of childbearing age. That is, if you want children.

Andrew, I don’t know what you mean when you say, “Younger women just don’t do it for me.” Well, whatever the older women are doing, due to their age—they won’t be doing it long.

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