It has been a while since we talked about request for coverage. I know, here I go on a rant about how I want to communicate. Not exactly. This is another effort to help our readers or sometime readers or that person who only buys the paper when their picture is it in. I want to help everyone.


The best way to contact me or should I say the preferred way is to use the e-mail address at the bottom of my column. It is I do not have an e-mail attached to the New Pittsburgh Courier nor do I have a phone extension. There is another Debbie that works at the New Pittsburgh Courier but we are in different departments. Please do not leave a message for me on her extension.

I understand that most people who take the time to organize an event would like to have a portion of it featured in the paper. When you select a date for your soiree and know it is really going to happen, by that I mean you have the date, time and location, that is the time to send out a save the date message or an e-mail.

If you elect to send the e-mail, please put request for coverage in the subject line. That grabs my attention. I should see that and know that you want something. Lately I have gotten numerous requests for coverage via Facebook. Because I also have a personal life, I’m thinking that I’m being invited to come to an event just to have fun, I then purchase a ticket and show up and the first thing I’m asked is where is my camera?

There are some nights or days when I don’t work at all. From time to time I just want to be a plain old citizen. If you see me out at the grocery store or the mall and tell me about your event chances are I will not remember, even if you hand me a flyer. Half of the time I can’t remember where my car keys are.

If you send an invitation to the newspaper please mark request for coverage on that invitation. If I don’t see that verbiage I can only believe that this is a request for me to purchase a ticket. Lately there have been multiple events happening on the same day. Yes, in the city where there is nothing to do and no where to go. There is so much going on it is hard to pick and choose, so I typically go to the event that contacted me first. You know, the old first come first served rule. I think that is only fair.

So if it looks like I’m being partial to one organization over another it is because they know the drill. As soon as they nail down their date and put down their deposit on the location, I am contacted. Often that is a year out. I already have bookings for 2011.

Please send a request for coverage via e-mail or snail mail. If you use snail mail send it to my attention at the New Pittsburgh Courier at 315 E. Carson Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219. I love snail mail, some of the invitations are just fabulous.

(E-mail the columnist at deb­bie­

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