(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Two years ago my husband was hurt in an auto accident and received a large financial settlement. After his recuperation he returned to work. However, shortly after that, his company closed. I wasn’t disturbed about it at that time. My husband and I had agreed for him to pay off our house mortgage with the settlement money.


Two weeks ago a notice came from the bank stating our house was going into foreclosure. Knowing it was an error, I went to the bank. I was shocked and disgusted. Apparently, my husband did not pay off the mortgage. When I questioned him about it, he said, “Start packing. I spent all the money.” I had noticed him being rude lately but didn’t know why. He explained, “I met a woman who was having a hard time. I felt sorry for her and before realizing it, I had given her large sums of money several times.”

Gwendolyn, I can’t take losing our house.—Charlotte

Dear Charlotte:

It was your responsibility to see that his money went to pay off the mortgage. You may have to accept the fact your house is going into foreclosure. Try to find ways to get the funds to save it. There are many programs to help people in your situation. Let me tell you this: You may not only be losing your house. You may be losing your man.

I do know people can give you such a sad story that you open your wallet and give all that you can give. Hopefully, that was the case with your husband. Whatever you have, you can get it again—just don’t ever lose hope. Sure, it hurts to lose your possessions, but nothing is a guarantee in life. Think about it; One day up next day down.

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