This is a shout out to all the people who think they are getting away with something.

First to the students who are texting in class while they should be doing their schoolwork.


Now that school is back in session I hear stories every day from distraught parents that I work with. Their children are in class and texting their friends when they should be paying attention to the teacher. The kids think this is funny because they are slick enough to text while the teacher is right in front of them.

Note to kids, the joke is on you. The teacher is well aware of what you are doing and in some cases, note that I say some, the teacher doesn’t say anything to you because they really don’t care. While you are texting your friends in the classroom, down the hall or the person in the seat behind you, valuable lessons are missed. Perhaps the teacher was sharing information that will help you on the next pop quiz, or the homework assignment for tonight. The bottom line is when you don’t apply yourself it shows. It may not show up now but it sure will later.

When it comes time to apply for scholarships and you don’t have the grades because your fingers were flying across your Blackberry instead of your paper, remember your teacher has a degree and more often than not they chose teaching because they wanted to help young people reach for the stars. However, if they see the student is not interested that student is ignored. If you want to text in class, go right ahead, as long as you don’t keep the students who want to learn from learning.

You know there is nothing new under the sun. Back in my day we cut class, didn’t do our homework and while the teacher was writing on the board we were passing notes. That was our form of “texting.”

Believe it or not, it wasn’t cool to be smart in the ’60s either.

My second “jokes on you” goes out to the young woman who damaged her face with drain cleaner and blamed it on a Black woman.

What were you trying to accomplish? Maybe no one was paying you any attention or your life was a miserable mess? Now you have a lot of attention. Thank goodness the authorities were suspicious of your story from the get go—the sunglasses you bought 30 minutes before to protect your eyes and no acid on your neck or hands. Not only is your face damaged, you will have to face charges of filing a false police report. Reportedly you will have to pay back the money that was raised by so many strangers trying to help you.

Do you feel bad about the copycat crimes that you possibly sparked? How about an apology to all the Black women with ponytails that were stopped and questioned about this trumped up crime? That never seems to happen. There have been several people in the last decade who blamed the crime on a Black person. Is there ever an apology to them?

Lady, I hope you get some help but it sounds like the joke is on you.

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