Most women are magazine junkies. We love magazines. When I’m checking out at the grocery store I love to read the magazines while I’m waiting to pay for my groceries.


But I’ve noticed something and I’m wondering if other people are noticing it. The feature stories on the front are the same or so close to being the same that you could buy the magazine once and not need to pick it up again.

Here is an example that even amazed me.

The magazine Woman’s World is a great read for $1.79. I have three magazines in front of me. The Aug. 18, 2008 issue features stories on how to cure your stress, are you getting enough of the get slim vitamin and how to feel happy every day. Most women will bite at the price and the get slim vitamin. What could that possibly be? I don’t want to make you wait, the wonder vitamin is B6 and the story says we should aim for about 5mg per day from various food sources. I knew there was a reason I saved this magazine.

The Jan. 5, 2009 issue has a picture of Dr. Oz on the front and a promise to give you 11 tricks that will make you slim, happy and healthy in 2009. You’ll even be able to see results in 24 hours and lose up to 9 pounds a week.

There is a story on how to recharge—what to do if you can’t sleep and secrets that will keep couples in love. Eight months later Dr. Oz is on the cover again with his stress free diet with an inset picture of a success story. A lady who lost 164 pounds and that you can lose 8 pounds his week. The other features were an instant face lift using items from your kitchen.

What? How did I miss that?

A tiny paragraph told me to mix a cup of unused coffee grinds, a little full fat yogurt and a teaspoon of lemon juice until it forms a paste. Dab on your face and neck, wait 10-15 minutes and then rinse. The coffee grinds exfoliate skin, allowing deeper penetration of the caffeine. If you see me and I look 10 years younger you will know that I tried it and it works.

The trend I’m seeing on these covers is weight loss is always the feature story followed by how to look younger. Another topic that always gets me is how to become perfectly organized. I must not be the only one. I took a look at a few other back issues of my fav­or­ite magazines and see that weight loss is queen.

The last Family Circle magazine that I picked up featured a story on how to drop 10 pounds by walking yourself thin. This story was right next to a mouth watering picture of bacon macaroni and cheese. I went to the mac and cheese recipe first. Above the picture of the mac and cheese was a promise of 35 pages of family favorites that included slow cooker chili, comfort casseroles and low cal Chinese.

I guess we better start walking.

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