In the heart of the business community of Wil­kinsburg, just shy of a block from the PAT transit EBA hub, on the corner of 601 Wallace Ave., stands Mulberry Community Church, a small Presbyterian church. Mulberry came into being several years ago by what the Cooper family calls “divine grace.”

Mentor and keynote speaker

The Cooper families were originally members of Mt. Ararat Baptist Church for 20 years. Pastor Kevin Cooper Sr. accepted his calling and was a devoted associate pastor to Rev. Dr. William Curtis.

After two years, Cooper felt it was time to move to pastor his own church. Mulberry Presbyterian Church needed someone to help build the dying congregation so the Cooper family met with the people of Mulberry Church and decided that they could help the congregation grow.

PRAISE TEAM—New Generation Praise Team from left: Robert Edwards,  Kiyona Jones, Alisha  Edwards, Chrissy Johnson, Natyia Campbell and Trell Jackson.

The founding fathers of that endeavor were Pastor Cooper, Lloyd Bell and Frank Gardner. Adrienne W. Cooper, first lady of Mulberry, Rachel Cooper and Jerome Kirkland Jr. made up the praise team. Young and blessed in their new endeavor, God gave them their first member, Yvonne Moore. “I will never forget the excitement that we felt on that first Sunday, said first lady Cooper, ‘We even went to Yvonne’s job at G.C. Murphy’s in Wilkinsburg to make sure she came back the following Sunday. That’s when we realized that we were really talking to her identical twin, Yvette.”

Things began to move very quickly for Mulberry after that and soon they were able to buy the building.

Pastor Cooper has a great vision for this church and with the members it now has, he seems destined to fulfill his dreams.

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