(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Last week a lady came out of the grocery store talking on her cell phone. This was her conversation: “My son (laughing, of course) told me he didn’t want to go to his new school because they didn’t have free lunches.” Still laughing, she said, “He told me when he got to the counter, he was told the meal cost $2.50.”

Still laughing, she told the person whom she was talking to, “I asked him what did they do? He said they snatched his food. Then I asked him what did he do? He said I went and got the principal.”



I am sick of it. There is too much being given to poor people who are not so poor at all. The lady at the grocery store drove away in a 2010 red SUV. She seemed most ignorant. It hurts me because no one gave my parents school supplies. What do you think?—Jennie

Dear Jennie:

I think like you think. Let me tell you this. There are people who strive to beg and they are good at it. Sadly, the lady on her cell phone is teaching her son to grow up not being a responsible adult, but to grow up and keep the begging going. He will know nothing else. Do not let your frustration cause you to dislike these people. After all, there are poor people who are actually in need. The trouble is there are too many parents these days not making an effort. Think about it. If you strive for nothing, you gain nothing. Poor people who have no dream other than to beg always and forever from generation to generation remain “po.”

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