President Obama recently announced the withdrawal of combat troops from Irag, leaving 50,000 there for support. We asked Pittsburghers what they thought. Here’s what you said:


“We need to have them away from there. We have enough wars right here and it seems we’re not getting the help we need. I’m glad to see us coming home. We have enough bloodshed overseas and at home.”
Louise Lowry
Squirrel Hill

“Send them home so they can be with their family. It seems that the only thing going on over there is people dying. We don’t see what help we (the U.S.) are providing over there anyway. I’m more than happy they are coming home; it could’ve been my child.”
Faye Harpool
North Side

“I think it is beautiful. President Obama said he was going to do something as soon as he could. He’s done good yet is being criticized by a lot of people. I am hoping everyone will remember these troops better than those from Vietnam.”
Esther Sloan

“I agree they should come home and I have never agreed with the war anyway. I did six years in the service and you could see this was someone’s personal agenda. You had those kids dying for nothing. It’s about time.”
Ryan Chester

“I think it’s great because we don’t have any business over there anyway. We’re over there dying for someone else’s greed. They (the Iraqis) should be able to hold their own without us providing support for them.”
Bill James

“I think it’s needed and should have been done before Obama was in office. The Iraqi people should be fighting their own battles. We do not need to send our troops over there.
James McKelvia

(Compiled by Erin Perry. Photos by Erin Perry.)

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