(NNPA)—Recently Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged the economic “elephant” in the room—that the U.S. economy has weakened far more than expected and, Bernanke called the economic recovery “inherently uncertain.” Bernanke’s affirmation of the economy’s sluggish economic recovery comes after a week of troubling economic news.

Getting the message? It is time to dig deep for your inner treasury assets and resources to embrace your entrepre­neurial nature to have a hand in your personal economic recovery.


It’s true. The door is wide open for entrepreneurs. And many recently-unemployed folks are jumping into the fray as they realize that the search for their next job will likely be protracted and may ultimately be doomed to failure.

While it’s liberating to think of becoming one’s own boss and employee—answering only to oneself and reaping the profits that have gone for so long to others—it’s also a daunting idea. There are the practical matters of paying for individual health and life insurance, making office space at home or renting it, and all of the other belatedly-recognized “perks” of being an employee.

But each of us is imbued with the desire to control our own destiny. The human spirit itself is entrepreneurial. As a newly-fledged nation, America was built by entrepreneurs who used the skills they had (or, much less honorably, the skills of slaves, Chinese laborers and other shanghaied souls) to make a living and a life.

Instead of blaming “cruel fate” for your present circumstances—or even worse, yourself—you must realize that you have resources available to you that you haven’t yet tapped, resources that can lift you up and out of any ditch your find yourself in.

Until the tag is on your toe identifying you as a corpse, you are a bundle of endless possibilities—all of them seeking expression. But by agreeing to the lie of “cruel fate,” you sap yourself of the vitality and energy it will take for you to grow and develop.

Before you were scarred and made scared, there was a time…

Do you remember what it was like to be a no-holds-barred kid, before society and surroundings began to fashion you into their idea of what you should become? You were slaying dragons, building castles, playing cowboys and Indians or G.I. Joe…you were creating a reality with every piece of furniture and prop available to you.

You were teaching yourself the joy of making your imaginings come alive.

Where did that go? Who stole it from you?

No one. It’s still right where you buried it. You still feel it every day, but you stuff it down and try hard to ignore it. But every time it resurrects itself, you smile…just before you frown and stuff it down again.

Enough! It’s time to let your dreams become goals and your goals become realities.

It may be close to impossible for you to look into a mirror and tell yourself on a daily basis, “the person you meet becomes a prospect, a possibility, and a potential ally instead of a non-descript, shadowy unknown.” You develop a genuine interest in other people’s strengths and abilities. You find ways to involve teams that will work hard with you, not for or against you. Your resources grow as a result.

You develop initiative. You ask for what you want that others can provide. No longer do you feel the slightest “hat in hand” sense of inadequacy. You recognize your power to initiate changes in your circumstances.

All of the above energizes you. You sense the possibilities and know you can make them real. Your ability to persevere increases exponentially because your energy level soars. You’re discovering you’re having fun, not just putting in lots of mindless hours.

You’ll recognize the necessity and the adventure of taking calculated risks so you can capitalize on new opportunities as they arise. You’ll become profit-oriented instead of “scarcity-oriented.”

You won’t let your weaknesses derail your strengths or weaken your resolve.

So, step up to the plate! It’s your turn to hit it out of the ballpark for your personal home team.

(Farrah Gray is author of “The Truth Shall Make You Rich: The New Road Map to Radical Prosperity,” “Get Real, Get Rich: Conquer the 7 Lies Blocking You from Success” and the best-seller “Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out.” Dr. Gray can be reached via e-mail at fg@drfarrahgray.com or website at http://www.­dr­farrah­gray.com/.)

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