(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Six months ago I left my husband after 23 years.

Now his friends are calling me reminding me that I took vows for better or for worse. Today I started crying when one of his friends called to check on me. Before the conversation ended, I felt miserable.

Gwendolyn, my marriage was bad from the beginning. I tried year after year to make it work.


Each year he became more hostile and cruel to me. I am so happy and looking forward to getting a divorce.

Gwendolyn, why do people try to make me feel like I should have stayed?—Helen

Dear Helen:

Let me tell you this: No woman should have to waste her life away trying to make a marriage work.

Men should try to hold and cherish the woman and not always the woman trying to win over the man. That is bull.

Two people stand and take those vows—you didn’t stand alone. People have the wrong idea about marriage and many of them are miserable but stay. Why?

Mainly because they have convinced themselves two can live cheaper than one. So, are they miserable? Yes, they are. And they will drop their business to meddle into yours.

Helen, I want you to forget all the bad years you have experienced. It is a new day for you. Think about it.

Happiness doesn’t come often and when it does, sometimes it doesn’t stay very long. Hang in there girl and enjoy the joy.

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