Dear Gwendolyn:

While in high school I was a near genius. I made all As in every class even calculus. One day when leaving school, I started a conversation with a girl who was in one of my classes. She was rather shy in class, but that afternoon she was rather flirty with me. I must admit. I was surprised. Later I realized she had befriended me because she wanted me to do her homework.


Yes, do it—not tutor her in doing it. As soon as we graduated, she left for a college in California. Somehow, her grade point average improved to the point where she received most of the best scholarships. I only received scholarships that were half her awards. All this happened 35 years ago. I recently found out that she became a lawyer with her own top law firm.

Gwendolyn, I have had a rough life and basically she earned those scholarships because I did her homework. I even held up my exam paper so she could copy my answers. I have been thinking about writing to her and ask her for some money. Should I?—Benjamin

Dear Benjamin:

This is serious. However, if you call her, don’t be shocked if she does not have sympathy for you. In fact, she may even pretend not to remember you. It is terrible how some people set out to misuse anyone just as long as they can climb the ladder that leads to success. I will not encourage you not to call. Be guided by your own mind.

Benjamin, you were in the wrong to do her homework and you were in the wrong to allow her to copy your answers from your exam papers. Let me tell you this. Once upon a time people would feel sorry and give freely from their heart to a person in need. And in all actuality, she owes you, but don’t count the money until you have it in your hands. Think about it. People these days don’t seem to buy into a sad story.

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