Shirley Sherrod of the U.S. Department of Agriculture was fired because an edited tape portrayed her as a racist. After watching the entire tape it was found that she was the exact opposite which led to apologies from the NAACP and others and she was offered another job with the USDA. Should she sue the people who released the false information? We asked Pittsburghers their view and here’s what you said:

“I’m not sure which direction she should go. Yes, she should sue. However, regarding employment, if I were in that position I don’t know how I would feel. If you perceive that about me and were willing to go by hearsay not by facts; I really don’t know how I should look at you being my employer.”
LaLeita Small
Child care

“That’s a tough question. I’m not sure what position they offered her. I know it’s different than the one she had. Whether she should take it, I don’t know what I would do in that situation. I think she should consider it. As far as suing, I think she should definitely sue the guy. I’m not a lawyer but it seems like some type of slander to me.”
Gregory Allen
Highland Park
Academic adviser

“Of cause she should sue and she should not take the position that’s offered to her. She should sue because the guy who put the video out has done so many racist things that he needs to be stopped. Maybe that will stop the racist propaganda.”
Charlet Ka

I’m not sure if that should be her employer because of the incident. However, on the other side to show an example that it’s not okay. I think she should pursue some type of lawsuit.”
LaTasha Chomba
North Side
Child care

“You have to have some adversity to get what you want in life, it’s just more adversity. She needs to keep her head up and keep on moving and let it be what it is. No, she shouldn’t sue, that’s just more negative energy, shows bad character. She needs to keep moving in her life.”
Randolph Mitchel
North Side

“Depending on the job they’re offering, if it’s an equal or greater position then she should take it. In terms of her suing that depends because the person who reacted to her firing in the first place was because of the NAACP’s short- sightedness. So whom does she have a lawsuit against, the NAACP or the other guy who fired her? ”
Nate “Da Phat Baber” Mitchell
Business owner

(Compiled by Gail Manker. Photos by Gail Manker.)

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