Orange Confection, Napa Grape, Sugar Plum, Swiss Coffee, Peanut Butter and Toffee Crunch. Doesn’t it sound like I’m reading from a dessert menu? These are actually paint colors. I can’t imagine white walls with the plethora of colors available. If you do want white it is a hard choice. There is no such thing as plain white. How about popcorn white, linen white, cottage white and Swiss coffee?

I’ve been trying to select a color for my home office. When decorating a home office there is much to consider, such as how will the color affect your mood and work. Black is very popular for home offices because it exudes power, wealth and luxury, did you know that it also can cause headaches when one is around it often? White is light and airy and clean and happy but did you know that it also can cause headaches for those surrounded by it often?

So what do you want your home office to do for you? It should help you feel calm and peaceful so you are able to work well, you want to feel smart, happy and in control. From the “Color Preview” collection, try Rose Quartz, a strong rose pink that combines with the trim and accent colors to provide a color scheme that looks like it might be found in the south of France. It adds energy to the room, with soothing accents, and is great for a room that gets morning light, or for a late-night worker who wants to stay alert and refreshed.

Chrome Green provides a strong, drawing room theme (from the old English “withdrawing room”) to the room, which is lightened by the accent colors. A mahogany desk and banker’s lamp would go well in this room, which exudes responsibility and serious thinking. Charcoal Slate from Benjamin Moore’s collection is a basic paint color, combining well with the blue-gray and pastel blue accents for a neutral, relaxing room which doesn’t provide any specific emotional tone.

According to Feng Shui principles, the best overall color for the home office is a shade of yellow. Yellow is a color which promotes clarity of thought, as well as self-esteem. Yellow is also a color of centering. Add purple or red accents for contrast. Centering is one way to focus inward and perform the tasks at hand. Home office workers involved in any type of sales will do well with an element of red in their home office. Painting a room with four red walls may create too much aggression, but there are ways to make red a dominant Feng Shui color without going overboard. Paint one wall red, but not the wall directly in front of your desk. Instead, select a wall to your side that is in your peripheral vision.

If your home office is used by more than one person and you collaborate, opt for a shade of orange. Orange, the perfect marriage of red and yellow will help you share ideas and work in harmony with others.

I think I’ve decided, I don’t share my office but I will use a shade of orange. I’m looking at Earth Tone, Copper Pot, Spicy Cayenne and Mexican Chile. My window treatment will be silk and I think I’ll add a crystal chandelier. I want the office to scream fashion.

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