Do you remember the 1976 movie “Network?” It had the famous line “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.” Since last week everyone is talking about Steven Slater, the infamous JetBlue flight attendant who snapped and exited the plane via the emergency slide with two cans of beer in hand.


In the words of Chris Rock, “I understand.” I’ve been on planes where the passengers are rude and downright ignorant. It drives me crazy when people attempt to bring all their bags on the plane when the bags will not fit in the overhead. I have witnessed this prior to the additional fees that are now charged. I would sit and watch the male or female flight attendant try to push the bag into a space too small for the bag because the passenger refuses to check the bag.

How about this, I’m on the plane and it is approaching the gate. Before the plane can get to the gate everyone is jumping out of their seat trying to be the first one to get off of the plane. In this case the pilot wasn’t taking it. He stopped the plane and told the defiant passengers to sit down and we weren’t going any further until they did so.

Flying used to be fun and classy. People would dress up to fly. I’ve always or should I say I used to enjoy the meals on planes. Maybe it’s because I like to eat, but I’ve never had a bad meal on a flight that served a meal. This was before you had to pay for the food. Now I take my own food.

There’s no need to be rude to people in the service industry. I truly believe some people think this is cute or that it makes you “better than” because someone is waiting on you. It’s not cute. I went out with a man (once) who from the time we walked in the restaurant he tried to order everyone around. Hmmm, this is not a person I want to be around, it was so unnecessary. Didn’t the late Bernie Mack say don’t mess around with someone who is preparing your food?

Back to Mr. JetBlue, you should have tried to hold on to your cool. I’m glad you didn’t hit the passenger. As for the passenger, why aren’t they in the news? Didn’t they defy the orders of the flight attendant? Didn’t they hit the flight attendant in the head? Slater should have had the passenger arrested.

I hope Slater will benefit from the numerous T- shirts that are being produced. You can purchase one that says, “Quit your job with style” and features a man exiting a plane on the emergency shoot. That is funny.

If you want to see funny and crazy combined, check out the drunken woman at McDonald’s trying to order McNuggets in the morning. She jumps out of the car and tries to assault the employees behind the drive thru. She then breaks the window with a beer bottle. This happened in January but the tape was just released. To see just how crazy the world has become just Google “women flies into rage over McNuggets. OMG.”

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