Pittsburgh recently unveiled its program to combat violent crime so we asked Pittsburghers what they thought. Here’s what you said.

“It sounds great. If you can get folks to support it through education about the benefits, it can have a positive impact on the city. I am looking forward to the effects it has on the community. I am from the south and see similar issues at home.”
Jamie Goings
Validation engineer
Raleigh, N. C.

Jamie Goings, Rashida McElrath, David Burton

“I don’t think incarceration is the solution for ending crime and violence. Education is the solution to the larger problem. It (PIRC) may help but it needs to be supported by educational opportunities. They (gang members) need options in order for it to be successful.”
Rashida McElrath
Social Security employee

“Any attempt to bring a halt to the numerous accounts of violence in the city is a positive move. We have to start trying non-traditional means to address the issues of the community. They (PIRC enactors) need to have the appropriate people in place to make sure it’s a success.”
David Burton
Senior clinician
East Liberty

“I don’t think that it will work. Anytime you force someone to do something without a real purpose it doesn’t really work. People will find other ways of doing things; crime goes underground. What works to change behavior is culture, teaching people about who they are.”
Ibraham Wallace

“It (PIRC) may work a little, but the only way to curb violence is to give necessary training. People need to have skills so they can make a decent salary to support their families. Until that happens in the city, you will continue to see issues of crime.”
Marchelle Brown
Technical support
North Versailles

“We need to understand that there is a cause to every problem. Gangs aren’t created from no­where. People have to be able to provide for their families. It’s not an excuse, just the reality. I do not think the PIRC will work. We, the people, have to do what’s necessary, not just the elected officials.”
Jacquea Mae
Student/child care worker
East Liberty

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