We have built pyramids, nations, Black Wall Street, schools, churches, universities and families. The pyramids show signs of the centuries, nations are in disarray, bigots destroyed Black Wall Street, churches have become more business-oriented than Christ-like, schools no longer provide a quality education, many Black universities are bordering on bankruptcy, families are deteriorating, and Black businesses are no longer supported by Blacks because we have become a race of consumers. Blacks must become “a people who ressurect.” The definition is to bring back to life.


We may not be able to recreate Black Wall Street, but we can recreate the Black business district we once had throughout Allegheny County. If the church is failing us then those of us who have titles as deacons, stewards, trustees or members must live up to the fact that we don’t serve man, but God. Our schools suffer to a large degree because we as parents fail to demonstrate to the school board and superintendent that we are truly concerned about our youth. How many graduates of Black colleges ever send a financial contribution to their colleges. If not, why not? How many of the thousands of NEED recipients have sent even $20?

The homes of a number of people and institutions—buildings such as Mrs. Frankie Pace’s home, August Wilson’s home, and the Black Opera House—are in terrible shape and we have not attempted to address these situations. There is also a need for a Black radio station that addresses the needs and concerns of our community. “Black Horizons” has been on television more than 40 years and is now gone. Why have these tragedies occurred?

It is my personal belief that we as a people believe that if we grovel long enough that the foundations will provide some funds. How many people would it take to buy a $20 share that would enable Blacks to own a radio station? Maybe I am not asking for enough, it cost a minimum of $25 to play a hand of blackjack at the casino, and you should see the people playing.

We must stop going through life with hands outstretched and palms facing upward. There are a multitude of things we can accomplish if we have the will, dedication and the commitment.

Remember the Kingsley Association.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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