Get out of debt guru Dave Ramsey was famous for recommending people who were in deep debt to get a part time job delivering pizza. With the most recent rash of pizza driver hold­ups it doesn’t sound like a good idea.


Am I watching too much television? I must be. I’m watching the old shows where crooks planned out the crime and went for large rewards like the Mona Lisa, all of the diamonds in the jewelry store or the money in the cash delivery truck. What are you going to do with a pizza, a 2-liter and maybe a few 20s?


When the perpetrators get to jail do they ever sit around and think that it just wasn’t worth it? So many lives are ruined. Maybe the pizza delivery driver ends up shot or dead, maybe the thief is the one who is surprised and gets popped. When you commit a crime you have to expect the unexpected. Right now we’re living in a time when people are “mad as hell and they aren’t taking it anymore.” They won’t let their purse go so easily, you try to jack them and you may get jacked.

I was just reading about the scam artist who has been going around creating fake bridal shows. According to the news report she would convince vendors that she was having a major show and they would pay her for vending space at the show and ads. Turns out she was spending the money on herself. It sounds like she was a successful salesperson. Why didn’t she actually put the shows on? It sounds like they could have been successful.

How about the educators who have stolen money from the schools they are working for by forging checks? Now they don’t have a job and they are totally embarrassed. Or at least I would think they are. Is it worth it?

Do that many people get away with crime that so many people think that they will never be caught? Aren’t the jails over capacity? Isn’t that a clue?

There is a television show called “I Almost Got Away With It” about fugitives who are on the run desperately trying to stay out of jail but the new day coppers are on their tail and they end up behind bars. Some went as far as removing their own fingerprints.

Wow, that is crazy. I’m sure than the petty criminal is asking himself if it worth it. I’ll bet Wesley Snipes is asking himself each night and day if it was worth trying to hide his income and not pay taxes. You were making a good income, Wesley, give the government their share.

I was just reading a story about a young man who lost his job because he misused his company’s expense account. As soon as the company identified what was going on he was released from his position. Now he doesn’t have an income or a reference, and it will be hard to explain that gap on his resume. Was the little bit of material things that he got with the expense account money worth the grief of losing his job?

You may get away with it for a while but sooner or later the jig is up.

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