(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Two years ago I met a man who is 10 years my junior. We started talking at first just to have a nice conversation. Then I fell in love with him and he tells me that he fell in love with me at first sight. This is the problem: I am 39 and he is 29. I have been married and he has also been married. My husband was 10 years older than me, but most unkind and our marriage was over years before we separated-divorced and went our separate ways.

Gwendolyn, is it possible for a man to be 10 years younger than the woman and really be in love with her? I love him, but people are trying to persuade me to drop the relationship.—Shirley


Dear Shirley:

People are telling you to end the friendship/­relationship with your younger friend because people hate to see you happy. Strange isn’t it? Let me tell you this: There are so many men (and women) who take up friendship with an older person for the purpose of getting ahead. If your friend is a working person and shows to have a good heart, then you be the judge. This is hard to judge since so many people are out of work during this financial recession. I cannot tell you what to do, but I will say if you are happy, that’s all that matters.

Allow me to share something with you: People have tried for centuries to pair with a mate for money. Money alone cannot make you happy. Sometimes when you ride along a two-lane country road, you notice houses that are small and by no means looking like a mansion. But within that little old small house are usually two people in love. Remember, relationships with true love survive and relationships based on worldly possessions fail. As to the age difference, some men at 29 are mature and know their course of direction. Think about it. Some men at 54, 64 or 74, don’t even have the mind of a two year old.

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