Andre Jones and Jeromy Cherry are brothers from the Hill District, who along with NBA basketball star DeJuan Blair formed “Put On Productions.”

Jones aka Chicken is 22 and his brother Cherry aka Young Meez is 20. These young men are making waves on the hip-hop scene in Pittsburgh and across the country. There music is a combination of conscious music with a mainstream appeal. Even though they have the production company together with Blair, they are solo artists.


Jones and Cherry were on a mixed tape together, so a lot of people thought they were a group. The mixed tape is called “Back At It Again” which can be purchased online through iTunes.

“Hip-hop is something that I always did and something that I could always do. When playing basketball did not come through for me, I realized that music was gift. I did a lot of local shows and the community liked it so I kept it going. As far as my brother is concerned, he has the same gift that I have and when he saw what I was doing, he said that he wanted to do the same,” said Jones.

The first CD Jones and Cherry did together is called “Back At It” which was released in 2009 and now they have a CD out called “Back At It Again.”

“I think there are a lot of imitators out there right now that are doing anything. There is no originality or creativity in the art form and that is why P.O.P. was formed. We want to bring originality back to the game. We want to show Pittsburgh has creativity and originality, especially the Hill District,” said Jones.

“When I saw my ability to be able to make songs, I knew I wanted to be an artist. I make music when I’m not even paying attention. I think about it in my sleep and when I’m at work. Whether I wanted to do it or not, I feel this is what God has me here to do and I am going to follow in his footsteps while doing it,” said Jones.

Former Schenley star and NBA player DeJuan Blair, Jones and Cherry have always been childhood friends. They moved to Atlanta for six years and started playing basketball and then came back. When they saw DeJuan, it was like they never left because they were tight as ever.

“He is my best friend and I’ve worked for him as a personal assistant and my brother, DeJuan and I started “Put On Productions” together,” said Jones.

Both Jones and Cherry are inspired by other national hip-hop artists such as Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. They also listen to a lot of R&B music. They are determined to make in the hip-hop game and they write there own lyrics, which is not the case for most hip-hop artists nowadays. As long as they have the passion for it, this is something they want to do and can do because they are both multi-talented artists.

“I have collaborated with the whole POP crew and other hip-hop artists throughout the city of Pittsburgh. Our music is real conscious, but it is also emotionally driven. I’m not a gangsta so my music will not reflect that at all,” said Cherry.

“I see myself being pulled 25 different ways in the next five years. I will also see where this summer takes us and go from there. When you hear POP music, Chicken and Young Meez, it is different than what you are expecting. You can purchase our music all over the Internet, especially iTunes and Rapsody,” said Jones.

“We don’t compare ourselves to anyone because we are original artists. We are determined to make it and there is no stopping us now so look out for us,” said Cherry.

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