Sometimes the story that is too good to be true is true. Have you heard about


Maybe you’ve seen it ride by with the big sign that says $1. Yes, you can actually go somewhere fun for $1.

The bus goes to New York, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and State College. All seats are not $1. Your price is determined by the time you make your reservation. I was fortunate to get a seat for $10 each way to the Big Apple.

I won’t have to worry about driving, gas, tolls or parking. The stop in New York is right at Penn Station. The bus is a double- decker and it looks comfortable. You can only bring one standard size suitcase (it cannot weigh more than 50 pounds) to stow under the bus and one small carry­on (I would think like a large purse).

Seats are not pre-assigned and your seat is on a first come first served basis.

Now my challenge is to find a great hotel for a discount rate. I‘m pretty picky about where I lay my head so since I got a discount on the transportation I may have to spend a little more on the hotel.

While on Facebook recently I spotted a free meal at Outback Steak House. Free food always tastes so good. It appears the res­tau­rant is introducing a new entrée and they are inviting people to come and taste it.

I answered the questions and a free coupon was sent to me via e-mail. Now that I have the coupon in my hands I see that you have to buy one entrée and get one free. This is still a good deal. The meal looks delicious; it is their new Honey Dijon Chicken with a side of sweet potato fries. I’m sure I’ll add a side salad just to keep it healthy.

When you see good offers or what appears to be a good offer make sure you read the fine print. Often there are conditions like spend $75 to get $15 off.

If you weren’t planning on buying anything you would really be better off staying at home and holding on to your $60.

Kohl’s has a deal where you spend $50 and they send you a coupon for $10. You have to be smart on how you use that $10. If you are savvy you can shop the 80 percent off rack and come out ahead. Or pick up a couple of pair of panty hose and only spend a few dollars.

Remember the purpose of the coupon is to bring you and your wallet to the store and to separate you from your money, so make this work in your favor.

This has nothing to do with anything free but Frankie, as in Keyshia Cole’s mamma, is going on “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew. I just had to tell somebody since we don’t have a radio station and I figured it would be a while before you found out.

The show is going to come on later in the year. The story I read says they aren’t sure about Frankie’s addiction but it could be crack, alcohol or weed. Pick one.

Wow, Frankie has turned into a reality star. Who knew?

Just in case you forgot, I WANT A RADIO ­STATION.

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