If you would ask me my position on war—any war—I would tell you that I hate war. However, I am supportive of the men and women that are fighting the war. I would like to see the end of war in all countries and our troops back at home.


On my day job, we have been collecting items for love boxes to send to the troops. I volunteered to help pack the boxes merely as a way to break the monotony of the day. So many items had been donated, there were boxes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, notebooks, magazines, books, power bars, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, small toys, playing cards and beef jerky. I was told to take a box that we got from the United States Post Office and put some of everything in the box. I imagined how happy I would be if someone sent me a package like this.

We had such a variety of items to send. Many of the items were donated by veterans, parents and friends of veterans so they knew what was needed and appreciated. One man told us that they remember using the baby wipes to “take a shower” with.

As I started to fill the boxes, I began to think about the men and women opening the boxes while living in the heat and the sand. This should be a nice treat for them. We had bags of skittles and M&Ms, boxes of Girl Scout cookies and bottles of hot sauce. Yes that’s right someone donated bottles of hot sauce. I guess even in the desert you want something that is tasty.

There were so many things to pack that I never thought about. Like small packs of tissues, wipes for your hands and chewing gum. All the things that we take for granted each day. Now when I go to the store I look for things in bulk that I think a solider would appreciate, something that will pack and mail well. You may want to start a drive at your church or your place of work. Just send out an e-mail asking people to bring in things for the boxes. How many times have you purchased something where you buy one and get one free or perhaps you shop in bulk at Costco or Sam’s. You can send deodorant, small bottles of mouthwash, mints, ink pens and fun things like yo yo’s. If the person who receives the box gets something they don’t like they can trade with someone else. Many of the items we sent were large enough to share. You can pick up the “one price” boxes at the post office.

Loveboxesforourtroops.com says to fill your box with encouraging notes, goodies, music CDs, books on CDs, games, magazines, etc. Also hard candy, school supplies, toothbrushes and personal hygiene items are handed out to the local children. Use your IMAGINATION! Nothing is discarded, everything is used. Do not use items that will melt or spoil in the seven to 10 days it will take to get there.

Mail the box at the post office with form 2976-A. Fill in the, TO/ FROM/ CONTENTS/ VALUE/ SIGNATURE sections on the form. Postage is just $12.50 no matter what the box weighs!! Love our troops.

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