Dear Gwendolyn:

After 10 years of marriage, my husband left.  Before leaving he went to the bank and withdrew $6,000 from our savings account leaving me with only $6. I was devastated. It had taken me three years to save that money. It was to be for hard times. Well, hard times hit. The company I had worked for since coming out of high school closed. I needed the savings to pay the mortgage and other bills. I know this is strange Gwendolyn, but I want him back. I miss my husband. There were no warning signs he was going to leave.—Sarah


Dear Sarah:

There were warning signs, but like most married women, you ignored them. You clearly stated you saved the money.  Therefore, it was your money and not something to be considered jointly. His name should not have been on the account—another mistake married women make.

Let me tell you this. Of course you miss your husband. There is nothing like having someone to come home to. But take note to this. Come home to a loving, caring person is good, but to come home to a thief is not. Think about it. Do not wish him back as he was, but allow him to return as a changed individual. To take him back just for the sake of having a man will cause you pain. Sarah, consider the fact. Your husband was a dog. Only you can determine what type of dog, good or bad. When good dogs lose their way, eventually they return, but a bad dog (like your husband) keeps going.

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