If I were prone to posting bumper stickers on my car there would be one that reads BRING HOME THE JOBS.


I don’t know about you but I’m tired of “hearing” that jobs have been shipped out of the United States. By hearing I mean when I’m on the phone with a customer service representative I would like them to be somewhere in these United States, and have a clear understanding of what I’m talking about. Please no scripts and fake first names. Many companies say that Americans don’t want these entry level jobs; I find that so hard to believe.

Right under my BRING HOME THE JOBS bumper sticker would be my BRING HOME THE TROOPS. Has this war accomplished anything? Somehow I thought bringing home the troops was on President Obama’s radar as well as job creation.

One of the best ways to create jobs would be to offer companies incentives to bring the work back home. If they don’t, they will be fined. I know this is overly simplistic but we have to start somewhere.

How about a sticker that says I WANT TO SPEAK TO A HUMAN. Recently I was trying to pay a bill and I really wanted to speak to a live human being. I tried all of the tricks like pressing zero, star and pound, nothing worked. The mechanical voice kept asking me for information that I didn’t have. I just want to speak to a human. It’s maddening when recorded directions tell you to do something that you can’t and then when you don’t play by their rules they disconnect you and recommend that you go to the website to handle your issues.

Here is a bumper sticker that would sell out in Pittsburgh. I WANT A RADIO STATION. That’s right, I still want a radio station and I miss WAMO. I’ve been thinking about satellite radio but that won’t do the trick. If I just wanted music I have enough CD’s to fill the bill. I want local information and well you know the rest.

Did you know that the Maxwell concert has already been cancelled? Do you think it was because his promoter found out we don’t even have a radio station to advertise the concert? I happened to have seen a billboard and was excited about buying a ticket. The show was pulled before I could even buy the ticket. When an artist is coming to town a radio station helps to drive the audience to the show by playing their hits, giving away tickets and sometimes actually having the artist call the show. I’ll bet money that not many people knew that Maxwell was scheduled to come to Pittsburgh in July. Our Internet sites and newspaper are doing a good job getting the word out but there is nothing like local radio.

We are coming up on the one-year anniversary of the death of WAMO. I’ve never been in a city without an R&B radio station, have you? I don’t want this to begin to feel normal and I believe it is becoming normal for too many people.

I go into Black Voices daily for the Black entertainment news. Marvin Isley passed away and I heard the Fat Boys broke up. Oops, old news. I NEED A RADIO STATION.

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