What happened to truth in advertising?


I’m a magazine and newspaper junkie and I tend to look at the ads closely because I want to see what’s new, what is hip, what I can buy. In a recent fashion magazine, there was an ad for mascara. It was blatantly obvious that the model was wearing false eyelashes. You could almost smell the glue coming off the page. My hair stylist and I cracked up when we saw it. Was the public supposed to believe that after using this brand of mascara that your eyelashes would look this long, thick and luxurious?

The worst culprits are the hairstyle magazines. While sitting under the dryer looking for a new “do” it was clear to see that, no one in the book was wearing the hair God gave them. Instead, it was the hair that the “hair master” sold them. When you read the details about the hair­style it never mentions how many tracks should be installed before you can accomplish this look. Some of the women were actually wearing wigs.

Please don’t think that I’m hating on weaves and wigs. I just want the truth in the hair magazine. Let me know that there is no way possible for me to have this hairstyle using my own hair, I will need enhancements.

Have you seen Janet Jackson’s new look? I love it because it’s real and real can be so sexy. The other reason I love it is because Tyler Perry said that is what the role called for in his upcoming movie featuring Jackson, “For Colored Girls Who Have considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf.” He wanted her to have a strong look. I bet her new look minus the weave will start to catch on. I can hear the hair sellers now, cussing Perry out as I type.

Also I can hear Alexander O’Neal singing in the background right, your name was Patty but now it’s Kay, girl you seem to change it every day. Your hair was long but now it’s short , you say I got it cut but I don’t see no hair on the floor. Well, Mr. O’Neal, maybe you should look in the drawer.

The ultimate fake was a recent ad featuring the ex wife of a hip-hop music and fashion mogul. It must be a picture of her head on top of her old body before the three kids. Remember when Oprah’s head appeared on the body of someone else? I think it was Paula Abdul. Now Kimora is trying to fool us? We’ve seen you on your reality show and we know you put on some weight after having the baby. Have you really gotten down to a size 2 that fast?

It’s sad that most of what you do see in fashion magazines is not real. The models are Photoshopped, airbrushed, taped, pulled and tucked in an effort to get us to buy the product. You know what really ticks me off? When merchants and catalogs change the fit of a garment so you will buy it. They will make something fit differently by pinning it in the back.

The answer to what happened to truth in advertising is let the buyer beware.

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