HAVANA (AP)—Fidel Castro speculated June 2 that a nuclear strike on Iran might help President Barack Obama win a second term in the White House and also suggested the United States could attack North Korea.

The former leader of Cuba, who has not been seen in public for nearly four years, also portrayed the U.S. president as a victim of fantasies planted in his mind by sinister advisers.

The column published by Cuban state media floated the idea that a nuclear attack on Iran—perhaps even without U.S. authorization—might help Obama win re-election in 2012.

It’s a question he did not answer, nor did he elaborate.

Castro, 83,  also referred to “the current danger North Korea could be attacked by the United States” because of “the recent incident that happened in that country’s waters”—apparently a reference to allegations that North Korea attacked and sank a South Korean warship, killing 46 sailors.

Castro often has praised Obama in recent years, but painted him as a pawn of the global capitalist machine last Wednesday.

“President Obama can give hundreds of speeches, trying to reconcile contradictions that are irreconcilable…dreaming of the magic of his well-articulated phrases,” he wrote.

But Castro said Obama “makes concessions to personalities and groups totally lacking in ethics and draws fantasy worlds that only fit in his head and that unscrupulous advisers, knowing his tendencies, plant in his mind.”

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