by Paige K. Mitchell
For New Pittsburgh Courier

What does a promise mean to you? Most people see a promise, as a way of making an agreement, and giving your word as comfort to let someone know everything is going to be alright. Well, at Oliver High School, a P.R.O.M.I.S.E. means protecting and restoring the order of mankind with the initiative to serving elders. On May 20, Oliver High School continued in that mold by holding a career day convention from 9-11 a.m. in their auditorium to help guide their students down the right career paths.


This career day was given to the students so they would be able to have the chance to get an up close and personal look at different careers that may spark their interest. The career day was very well organized and informative. Oliver High has been widely recognized by the eight Technology and Career Development programs for students, and they are continuing their legacy by holding this career fair to encourage students to go in a positive direction.

The way the convention was set up, made it very comfortable for the guests and the students to have conversations about careers, jobs and post-secondary education. Everyone could walk around from table to table discussing anything they may have wanted to know with the panelists. The careers featured were medical, news, pilots and education.

There were different stands set up where the students could stop and ask any questions they liked, so that could find out more information about the career of their interest. The career fair was convenient because Oliver held it at school during school hours, so that all students could participate. This was also clever because the students would not have any excuse for not being able to be there. Oliver is a school that has always focused on the students, and how to encourage the community to do better so that they can have a brighter future.

Alisha Williams, an Oliver student who is finishing up her senior year, said she had recently started looking into a career in education. Williams said she would like to become a kindergarten teacher, inspiring children at a young age. She had only been at Oliver for a short time, because she had transferred there last year. She explained how being a part of Oliver’s school district has changed her life. She said Oliver has a great staff, and her favorite teacher there is Mr. McGuire. He gave her that push she was always looking for, and the motivation she wanted to succeed.

“Oliver is not your average school because the teachers and staff actually work with you, and cater to your needs in the classroom. They will not let you fail.” says Williams. She said she wasn’t too thrilled about making the change to a new school so late, but in the end she realized that change was for the better. Now her grades have drastically improved, and she will be attending college. Williams says, “I love Oliver, and I would recommend this school for everyone.”

Oliver has always been known for their alma mater and career developmental programs since Jan. 21, 1921, when the school began. The North Side school is still living up to expectations, by providing knowledge, and carrying on their legacy of working through the lives of young people.

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