(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I am 28 years old and I am tired of people asking me, “When are you going to get married?” A year ago I received my Ph.D. and was hired by a large corporation. I wear expensive clothes and have no children. My job requires that I travel to other countries, and as I have no pets to attend—that makes the job great. Last year while the economy was down, I decided to go house hunting. I bought a large three-level home that has an elevator, swimming pool and huge patio and backyard with the floral design of a public park. Gwendolyn, what can I do to stop this annoyance?—Liz


Dear Liz:

You can’t stop it. Small minds always talk about people—such as your weight or your marital status. Nothing of substance usually comes from those types of people. Let me tell you this: There is something you can do that will probably work now that I would give more thought to it. When they try to ask you something small, just ask them, “Did you see the world news last night? Did you see all the things going on in the world today?” They won’t have an answer.

I congratulate you on achieving your high degree. Today’s woman concentrates more on education than marriage. Love and marriage will come at a due time and no one should try to force the issue. Years ago I made a promise to myself when I, too, was asked that crazy question. I decided that I would never marry someone I did not love. And believe me, there were many proposals coming from everywhere. Marrying someone just to be married is a dangerous and sometimes ends up being a deadly thing.

Liz, enjoy your job and your life. However, you must remember that your knowledge is far above many. Therefore, I suggest when someone asks something small, just look at them and say nothing.

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