(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

Six years ago I got engaged. Since that time I have been saving money for our wedding and hopefully to purchase a house. We do not live together. He has always lived with his mother.

He has never been married but has nine children by four different women. I love him, but I am growing tired of waiting for him to find employment. He was laid off from his job three months before proposing to me.


Last month he told me he had been offered a job as a wrestler. He accepted. Gwendolyn, I’m tired. He informed me that the marriage will still have to be on hold until he can make some paychecks to at least purchase a car. Right now his mother is retired and takes him back and forth to work. I don’t want a wrestler for a husband. Might sound silly, but I don’t.—Alice

Dear Alice:

What sounds silly is the fact that you said you are “growing tired.” Girl, let me tell you this: You should have been tired long ago. It is not the career that is puzzling and will give you trouble. Your problems will come from the mama-drama of four women, the spoil of his mother, and once these mothers hear he has a job—girl, I don’t have to tell you because you already know the story. Think about it. Spend some of the money you have saved. This future happiness may come to you and again it may not. If things don’t work out after waiting for six years, you may lose more than time. You may lose your sanity.

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