(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I have two sons. Their age difference is 15 years. This is my problem. Ten years ago my older son left home and joined the armed forces. Before leaving, he married a woman who was no good for him. I told him so but he totally ignored my advice.

He was injured and returned home wheelchair bound. His wife was running around with his friends and other men even while he was in the Army. So when he was released as a cripple, his wife treated him like a dog. All she wanted was his allotment check. Now my younger son has joined the Navy. Like his older brother, he too is getting married.  Last week he became upset with me because I told him to wait until he returns, then marry.

Gwendolyn, why is it that men don’t listen to their mothers?—Mrs. Morely


Dear Mrs. Morely:

Psychologists can’t figure that out. But it is felt that when a man falls in love, he will not listen. His heart leads him and most of the time you are correct, “Women seem to want them only for their money.” When men have a good woman, they mistreat her—and sadly she accepts bad treatment.

Let me tell you this.  It is nice when a man sends his allotment check to his mother before marrying.  Even if she does not need it, the gesture is good.

Mrs. Morely, think about it. A baby boy is to his mother like sunshine. But once he meets a woman, his behavior sometimes becomes like a tornado sweeping away the love of everything and everyone in his path including mom.

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