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How many times have you been encouraged to go green by discontinuing your paper statements? Every time I log on to pay a bill they suggest that I save a tree by electing to have an electronic payment. I’m all for saving trees but I still want my paper statement. I like to put them together and review them. Yes, I know I can do this online, but I don’t log in each day and with the amount of e-mails that I receive I may miss that reminder e-mail. If I don’t receive the bill in the mail I may forget that I owe that company and incur a late fee. I do believe in my heart of hearts that is exactly what “they” want to happen. So thank you very much I’ll continue to take my paper statements and why can’t we just plant some more trees or make paper from recycled material….?

How many of you have checked out the news footage of Whitney Houston screeching at her come- back concerts? Things that make you go hmmmm. She couldn’t hit her high notes and some of the audience wanted their money back. It looks like with or without Bobby Brown Whitney is having problems.

The word under the hair dryer in the local salons is that girlfriend still has a substance abuse problem. Reportedly she checked into a hospital with Brown who was recently a contestant on “Celebrity Fit Club” and couldn’t stay away from the beer. It was reported that he got so drunk he couldn’t finish the show. However he did lose a few pounds.

This was the same Fit Club that featured Kevin Federline (Britney Spears’ ex) and Shar Jackson, former “Moesha” star and baby mama to two of K-fed’s kids. This pair finally got to tell each other how they felt about what happened to their relationship and lose some weight at the same time. Seeing Sgt. Harvey Walden and Dr. Ian Smith make the show worthwhile for me.

Back to some local issues… I think I’m going to miss Mellon Arena, that’s the Civic Arena to my native Pittsburgh friends. We had some good times at the Igloo. That is where my dad used to take me to see the Ice Capades each year. That was also the venue for the Ringling Brothers Circus. I saw Isaac Hayes at the Arena and Luther Vandross.

Remember the concerts that featured several acts in one show? I think it was called a shower of stars. Were you ever there when the roof opened? I will really be sad to see it go. But I guess it will just be a memory after the Console Center opens. Maybe just like Three Rivers Stadium.

Speaking of stadiums, Big Ben, you need to get it together. I know you have enough money to buy some companionship, if that is what you need. For guys of your caliber “free” ain’t never really free. Ben, you have paid dearly with your reputation, possibly your career and I might guess your check book. Why don’t you chill and find yourself a nice lady to travel around with? If that doesn’t work check in with a doctor and see what your problem really is.

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