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(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: I wonder what you think of my parents. Instead of leaving me their money, they gave over $250,000 to an organization that helps disabled adults. I told my mother I did not like that particular organization. I explained to her that I would rather see the state repaid for my hospitalization.

I want to tell you a story I remember: In 1986, I was homeless. My mother called me at the shelter and set up a meeting with me. At the meeting she asked how could she help me. I said, “Well, you could let me into your house to take a shower because the water in the shower at the shelter is cold.” She said, “Oh no. I don’t want your lice in my house.” Then, she became more “thoughtful” and said, “Even if that was not the case, just to give you a shower wouldn’t be a final solution for you.” I said, “Cruel dictators used to talk like that.”


Gwendolyn, what parents would leave their only son poor and give their money to charity? I’m puzzled.—Andrew

Dear Andrew: Gee, you puzzled—me puzzled—we puzzled. Parents with great wealth have been known to give it away, but not to their children. For some reason your parents felt you would only waste the money. You know…letting people hang with you until every cent of it is gone. Or, there could be something you are not telling. Parents, especially mothers, usually love their children unconditionally from birth to adulthood. However, if that child grows up and takes on a bad temper, bad attitude, then a mother’s heart is hardened. Andrew, let me tell you this: If you did nothing to lose your mother’s love, then I must say that she was among the few who worship possessions more than she worshiped you. Bugs can be sprayed, shower stalls can be cleaned, and bed linen can be disinfected and washed. Don’t think about your mother’s actions, and don’t think about the money. Life is for living and for living well. Work towards gaining your own wealth and do not be sad because you did not receive the same treatment as the Prodigal Son.

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