The recent Santonio Holmes and Ben Roethlisberger incidents have filled the news so we asked Pittsburghers what they thought. Here’s what you said:

“Yes. The Steelers have the most integrity of all professional sports and they’ve always been that way. They’re not putting up with no nonsense. See what they did to Cedrick Wilson, wife beater? Where is he today? When was the last time you heard his name in football? It looks bad for the city.”

Keith Abercrombie, Irvin Williams and Edward Arnold

Keith Abercrombie
North Side

“You have a job playing football. You have to uphold your image yourself. It does tarnish the image of the team. The Rooneys have a great name in this town and the Steelers are the Steelers. The Steelers have been an organization that more or less helps people. They help these young kids out here. You can’t just keep doing the things you’re doing, if it’s negative.”
Irvin Williams
North Side

“They have an image to uphold. They just need to be punished for what they do. It does leave a bad image on Steeler fans and on the city.”
Edward Arnold
North Side

“The images of the Steelers, I say yes. Now does it affect the fans? I say no. They have a certain image—clean cut— and don’t get into trouble. That has changed recently. I think they’re viewed differently, more nationally than locally.”
Rich Benjamin
Penn Hills
Del Monte Foods

“I honestly do, especially with what’s gong on with Holmes, our kicker and Ben. It’s really making the city look bad, because we value our team so much. Our city loves the Steelers. We bleed black and gold. We put so much into you. We put so much pride into you, for what?”
Kiona Dubley

I do, I truly do. I think that them being in the limelight, knowing that they play for a major football team they should think a lot more carefully about their actions and what they do out here, because they’re high publicity out here in society.”
Timika Jordon
Manager, McDonald’s

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