After a brutal winter aren’t you just a little geeked about spring? I’m ready to celebrate the season.


Believe it or not I’m even excited about spring cleaning. I even volunteered to join the Green Team at work and assist in ridding an area in the city of debris and abandoned tires. We’re going to do this on Earth Day.

A friend of mine just completed a similar task and she told me about some of the crazy items that they found. She was most surprised about the number of parking meters.


I guess thieves break them off their posts and steal the change. One of the parking meters was a newer model that requires you to swipe your debit or credit card. Now this crook is either very stupid or very smart. Did they think there was money in the meter or were they trying to get the debit card information?

Either way it is depressing that people litter to this extent. Litter can ruin a neighborhood.

About a week ago one volunteer group cleaned the hillside along East Liberty Boulevard. The area looked so nice once they were finished. What a difference a day makes. There were two large dumpsters full of tires, trash and furniture, as Miss Niecy Nash would say, a lot of mayhem and foolishness.

Why do people dispose of furniture in this fashion? If you put it out at the curb the garbage man will pick it up. If it can be used you can call the Veteran’s, Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul. All of them come and pick up things that can be used. The energy that is used to throw it over the hill could be better served.

We can use that energy to recycle. One of my favorite recycling spots is Construction Junction in Point Breeze. It’s one of those places that you never know what you’re going to find.

If you are a home owner or even if you have an eye for decorating with unusual things you will love this place. Outside they have bins where you can place old magazines, telephone books and plastic bags.

You can donate left over paint and building materials from your remodeling projects. With that in mind you can also buy the items people have donated. One of the most unusual things that I saw there was a “Time-Out” chamber. It was a big black booth that you would put your child in if they were bad. It was really strange. I’m glad it ended up there instead of over the hill.

Earth Day is April 22 and this marks the 40-year anniversary of Earth Day. Not only is it Earth Day, it is Take Your Child to Work Day. If you have a child maybe you can combine the two and show them how to be kind to the Earth.

Encourage your child to recycle, tell them not to litter. You know the old school discipline, please practice what you preach. If you have purchased some of those fancy reusable bags for your groceries please use them. I had to put a sign in my car to remember to take them into the store. There are a lot of ways to be kind to the Earth. Let’s all pinch in to make it a better place.

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