(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I have been married to a wonderful woman for the past 26 years. At least she used to be wonderful. This is the problem. Two years ago I joined a bowling club with some of my co-workers. After we formed a men’s league, the wives decided they would form a league. My wife stopped going to the bowling matches three months ago. She claims to have a dislike for the women in the league.


Gwendolyn, I feel my wife is wrong. I told her that sometimes you have to bend to get others to like you.—Julius

Dear Julius:

That’s bull. If those ladies have an unpleasant personality, then it is fine for your wife to stop her attendance. I agree.

It would be nice if the two of you would remain a part of the gathering, but often two people just don’t have the same interest to be around the same people. This happens in marriage. There have been divorces where they realized the only thing they had in common after the children grew up was—nothing.

Let me tell you this: Please! Please! Please! Stop using the word bend Think about it. This world is so cruel that to bend often results in a kick. You know…like—-bend over.

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