In the recent St. Patrick’s Day parade 70 police officers wore T-shirts in support of the three officers who allegedly beat Jordan Miles. We asked you what you thought. Here’s what you said:

“I think that it is ridiculous. I also believe that the officers made it clear how they really feel about what happened with Miles. They think that it is okay and they are sticking by each other.”
Shabaka Perkins

Shabaka Perkins, Monique Wynn, Lorenzo Reese

“All three should be off work without pay until a full investigation is over. The whole department is a disgrace, supporting the officers after what they did. They believe in sticking up for the blue and it is unfair. Even if Jordan was in the wrong for resisting, you could see that the abuse was beyond justifiable.”
Monique Wynn
Claims adjustor

“I think it is a terrible thing. The officers are trying to say that Jordan Miles was wrong. They need to stop harassing Black people. They beat him badly and he wasn’t even a criminal.”
Lorenzo Reese
Point Breeze

“It was disrespectful and should not have been permitted. For the fact that they are public servants, they should show their support to each other behind the scenes since there is still an open investigation.”
Stacy Fincer

“I am livid about it. When I saw it on TV, I thought that it was 2010 Klan without the white robes. It is support of an unjust beating. They all stick together and have each other’s back. Where are humanity, morality and integrity? When something is done so wrong, it seems that someone would stand against it.”
Vendetta Jackson
Community outreach coordinator

“It is sad. I don’t think they should have worn those shirts. It was blatantly sending a message that they don’t think that what happened to Jordan Miles was wrong. It is understandable why young Black men don’t trust the police.”
Greg Fincher
City worker

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